Forrest Cameranesi: Geek of all Trades

About Me

My name is Forrest Cameranesi. I am a self-styled "Geek of All Trades" from Ojai, California.

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Most recently I've worked as the art director for a company that produces emblematic jewelry. Before that I did web design and development as well as other graphic design; and occasional independent consulting for computer support and tutoring.

I was very briefly a student teacher at an elementary school; formerly an all-purpose technical and administrative assistant; once co-founder and lead designer of a small, short-lived computer game company; and before that an Apple-certified Macintosh technician and salesperson.

I have an Associate's degree in Multimedia Arts and Technologies, with honors, from Santa Barbara City College. and a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, with highest honors, from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

In my spare time I am an amateur philosopher, author, and game developer, legacies of professional lives I almost lived. On this site you will find the slowly-in-progress editions of my two original magnum opera, the Codex Quaerentis and the Chronicles of Quelouva, as well as the project I'm probably best known for, my game mod Eternal.

I don't have much spare time anymore, but I spend what little I do have mostly hiking in the beautiful nature that surrounds me. I take pictures as I go, and collect the best of my photography to share here as well.

I also used to sing karaoke, and people kept telling me I should sing professionally, but I don't have anywhere to do so any more. I used to perform in the Rocky Horror Picture Show with Big Purple Onion Productions in San Luis Obispo, California. I used to play (and at one time was in charge of) a swordfighting game called Amtgard at the Shire known variously Feanga, Eternal Coast, or Silver Sun, in Santa Barbara, California; and I used to run a guild at the Renaissance, Shakepeare, and Pirate Faires at Lake Casitas in Ojai, California. I have a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo from the Ojai Valley TaeKwonDo Academy, though I'm decades out of practice now. And once upon a time, in another life, I was a young Boy Scout in Troop 501 of Ojai, California; but haven't been involved with that for even longer.

The Codex

A series of essays laying out a comprehensive system of philosophy from the meaning of words to the meaning of life.

Codex Logo

The Codex Quaerentis: A Pragmatic Analysis of Philosophy from the Meaning of Words to the Meaning of Life is a series of essays describing my complete system of philosophy, arguing for my positions on virtually every subject — from language, art, and math, through reality and knowledge, morality and justice, and on to "meaning of life" type of stuff — and relating them to each other in a systematic way.

This began as early idle thoughts on various subjects such as physics and political science, that then were integrated in a philosophical thought-journal I kept at the beginning of my formal academic study of philosophy. When I once thought I would go on to get PhD in philosophy, I thought this might become my dissertation. After I abandoned that academic path, I began to turn it into a fictionalized dialogue for popular consumption. But as that proved too much to bite off, I have instead turned that into a mere series of essays in my own voice; but still, a series of essays exceeding 80,000 words in total.

Various other essays I've written are also available to read here, mostly old school assignments, mostly philosophy papers, but also some more recent essays on other subjects.

The Chronicles

A epic tapestry of tales about alien space wizards, prehistoric nanotech gods, and a virtual reality afterlife.

Chronicles Logo

The Chronicles of Quelouva is a large series of interconnected stories set in the same fictional universe, involving an ancient alien empire, human mythology and future history, and the life of a virtual world.

These stories began as backstories for various video game projects that some friends and I attempted in the late '90s and early 2000s. Always made up of coalitions of friends from the Bungie fandom, our groups operated under various names and attempted to create various games before we made one last go under the name Sphidia, with a game called Dynasty: The True Story of Long Xian. That unfortunately didn't pan out either.

But as the main writer behind most of those projects, I had tied all of their otherwise unrelated stories together into a shared universe, and long after everyone had given up on doing game development, I slowly morphed those interconnected stories together into an enormous work of fiction of its own. That is still very much in progress, and all that exists to read of it so far is basically an outline, not proper writing; but it's such an enormous project that even the outline is the length of a small novel, totalling over 60,000 words.

Various other stories I've written are also available to read here, mostly fanfic ideas for reboots or spin-offs of popular media I'm fond of, but occasionally some more original writing.


Beyond Infinity Lies Destiny.

Eternal Logo

Eternal is the closest thing to a video game I've ever actually released. It is an extensive mod for and expansion of Marathon, a '90s first-person shooter game from Bungie, the people who brought you Halo and Destiny.

It has been slowly in development, off and on, since 1996, when the final installment of the Marathon series was released along with editing tools. After four years of intermittent development on my own, I abandoned the project in 2000. When broadband internet finally became available to me in 2004, I uploaded the scraps of the old project for others to make use of, but with the encouragement and help of others in the fan community who could finally see what I had made, we managed to finish off a rough first release version of the project that same year. We intended to quickly polish that off and release a "final" version shortly thereafter, but that instead became another four-year complete overhaul of the project, resulting in "Eternal X" 1.0 in 2008. Never being completely satisfied with the quality of the finished product, we released a much-renovated 1.1 five years later still in 2013, and then an even more dramatically improved 1.2 another six years later in 2018. Many of these improvements would have been impossible without the volunteer help of many people over the years, and over time a project I had begun as just my own hard work has instead become an eternally ongoing community project with me as its creative director.

Aside from my work on Eternal, I am also more generally a prominent old member of the Bungie fan community, helping run both the Marathon and Myth sections of, a Bungie fansite.

Portfolio & Resume

Aside from those magnum opera above, you can also find here galleries full of examples of my other work, such as:

My complete resumé is also available for viewing.