Forrest Cameranesi Geek of all Trades

Curriculum Vitae

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I seek to find stable work utilizing my 20+ years of diverse creative and technical skills and experience, and opportunities to grow them further.

I am equal parts abstract and practical, big-picture and detail-oriented, striving always to embody the best of both sides of every such dichotomy.

I thrive in a support role, helping others to achieve their goals and work through their to-do lists, but I am also an ideas guy who always has high-level thoughts on ways that we could improve the overall process. I see leadership itself, done right, as a kind of a support role.

I work best independently when it comes to doing the actual work, but I love it when my work can be part of a larger team effort, or when I can bring together the products of other people’s work. To that end I am very sociable and put much emphasis on clear and polite communication both internally to the business and externally with clients or customers.

I can turn around simple tasks that I already know how to do very quickly, and love to keep my to-do list clear by jumping on new tasks as soon as they come in. But I also yearn for any opportunity to spend a long time and much deep thought working out every last detail of a complex project to perfection.

I’m a very fast learner, drawing on my wide breadth of experience to get up to speed on new skills quickly; and I also love to teach, to help others round out and polish up their skills sets. I’m happy to be wherever in an organizational structure I can best serve, whether that’s learning from and supporting those more experienced than me, teaching and guiding those less experienced, or somewhere in the middle.

Academic and cognitive aptitude tests consistently score me around the top 1%; and personality tests rank me highly on conscientiousness, openness, and agreeableness (in descending order), and just slightly on the introverted side, with Myers- Briggs usually classifying me as INFJ, “The Advocate”, the rarest personality type.

I am looking for a steady career where the skills and experience I already have are enough as they are from day one, but where there are opportunities to learn and grow more in the future, as well as to help others do the same.


Graphic Design

  • Photoshop (since 1996)
  • InDesign (since 2002)
  • Illustrator (since 2003)

Web Development

  • HTML (since 1996)
  • CSS (since 2008)
  • SASS (since 2011)
  • Javascript (since 2010)
  • jQuery (since 2011)
  • ReactJS (since 2021)
  • PHP (since 2002)
  • SQL (since 2008)
  • Ruby on Rails (since 2011)
  • NodeJS (since 2021)

Work Experience

Art Director

at The Monterey Company, 2012-2020

Graphic design primarily in Illustrator for production of lapel pins, coins, medallions, and all varieties of art on metal, both production-ready technical art for manufacturing and photorealistic proofs for customers; design and oversight of workflows and collaboration processes to coordination between sales representatives, external art resources, and manufacturers; and miscellaneous graphic and web work for internal use.

Software Engineer

at CVTech, 2011-2012

Development of an ecommerce platform in Ruby on Rails, JQuery/Javascript, CSS & HTML, as well as motion graphic advertisements and other graphics work for web and print.

Graphic & Web Designer

at Stratus Media Group, 2010-2011

Lead design, development, and management of most company websites; graphic and web design for screen and print to serve both marketing and operational needs, including logos, advertisements, flyers, posters, and event collateral such as tickets and signage; minor video and audio editing; copy editing of texts for publication; and assistance and advice in installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Technical & Administrative Assistant

at Castellino Training & The BEBA Clinic, 2002-2012

Creative and technical responsibilities included graphic design and page layout, web design and administration, database design and administration, computer and network maintenance, minor video production in Final Cut Pro and iMovie, and proofreading and editing of publications.

Administrative duties included recording payments in Quicken and the company's FileMaker database, preparing deposits, and taking them to the bank; running reports and preparing spreadsheets on financial and statistical data; check-in, check-out and billing of clients; copying MiniDV tapes to video DVDs for sale and archival; processing orders for resale products; bulk mailings (both postal and email); shipping and receiving; payroll; scheduling; filing and other organization; and miscellaneous errands. Once or twice per year I was entrusted with the full administration of the business for one month, including my own payroll, while the head administrator went on vacation.

Graphic & Web Designer

at Diane Steele & Company, 2001-2002

Logo and business card design, graphic design for dye-sublimation onto merchandising products (e.g. T-shirts, mouse pads, etc), and some web design.

Computer Technician

at BitVision, 2001

Repair, maintenance, and installation of Macintosh computer systems for local schools and businesses.

Computer Technician & Salesperson

at Mac HQ, 2000-2001

Sale, repair, maintenance and installation of Macintosh computers and related equipment, and assorted administrative duties including billing, shipping and receiving, and filing.


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

at the University of California at Santa Barbara, class of 2007 with a 3.9 GPA, Highest Honors, and Dean's Honor Roll

Classes in ancient and modern history of philosophy, logic, general metaphysics, philosophy of space and time, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, meta-ethics, ethics, moral psychology, free will and determinism, political philosophy, theories of justice, focused studies on Plato, Descartes, Leibniz, and Berkeley, as well as supplementary classes in religious studies, sociology, and cultural anthropology.

Associate of Arts in Multimedia Arts & Technologies

at Santa Barbara City College, class of 2004 with a 4.0 GPA, Honors, President's Honor Roll, and Phi Theta Kappa

Classes in general design, drawing, painting, multimedia design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, audio-video editing, computer animation, and video game design.


My former colleagues and supervisors have had nothing but high praise for me. Please see their recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.