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(9x24) Virtuality Immanent: Part 2, Episode 3

In desperation at the total lack of progress against the encroaching Demons, Amouch telepathically confers with Niarba looking for guidance or support. Keius Meij himself personally leads the response. He expresses his deepest sympathies and his desire to help, but couches them in concerns for safeguarding the Ehrban homeworld and the world-mind slowly developing there, Geie.

When Amouch points out that even with the wormhole sealed off, the Demons will, if undefeated, eventually reach Niarba the long way, Keius begrudgingly permits Amouch, Metis, and Osan to travel through the wormhole to visit him, so long as they can ensure that no demons make it through with them. Osan is unable to accompany them as he continues coordinating the backup galactic evacuation plan, but Metis eagerly joins Amouch's plan.

Despite their best efforts, they are pursued by Demons through the wormhole network even back to Entu. Amouch sacrifices himself trying to hold back the Demons from devouring his world or passing through the portal, allowing Metis to make it through without pursuit. There, on Niarba at last, she meets none other than Keius Meij himself.

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