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(9x23) Virtuality Immanent: Part 2, Episode 2

Hopelessly outnumbered by Demons growing more powerful with everything they consume, the only hope Metis, Kron, and the other magic-users in the galactic ruling council have is to overpower the Demons thermodynamically. At Kron's command, they simply throw more energy at the problem – massive quantities of energy, consumed from the matter of the universe just like the Demons themselves do, devouring planets and eventually even stars to power a magical battle of unprecedented scale.

But even as it temporarily stops the Demons from advancing on inhabited worlds, this technique ultimately merely hastens the inevitable destruction of the universe. It may not be the Demons themselves devouring planets and stars, but planets and stars are still being devoured anyway, and this kind of war cannot go on forever, and it can only end in the total annihilation of all matter.

Osan, meanwhile, begins coordinating an almost hopeless effort to evacuate people from star systems where the Demons have already breached, and to coordinate a sealing-off of the wormhole network in a way that doesn't leave anyone, most especially his daughter still valiantly fighting on the front lines, stranded out there to die by the Demons. But even if successful, that will still only delay the Demons, who are immortal and will travel at sublight speeds through the interstellar voids to complete their omnicidal mission.

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