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Virtuality Immanent: Part 2

  1. In Virtuality Immanent: Part 2, the magically projected Demons quickly overrun the entire galaxy despite the efforts of its so-called "gods" to stop them, prompting Metis to seek out Keius Meij for help.
    1. In Episode 1, Kron, his Horsemen, and the other "gods of the galaxy" battle futilly against the Demon assault, eventually sending their subservient Berol to die en masse for the cause.
    2. In Episode 2, Kron and his Horsemen fight fire with fire against the Demons in a titanic battle that threatens to destroy the entire galaxy no matter who wins.
    3. In Episode 3, Metis enlists the help of Amouch to seek out Keius Meij for desperately-needed help against the Demons, succeeding at finding him only at the cost of Amouch's life.