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(9x21) Virtuality Immanent: Part 1, Episode 3

Initially skeptical, Kron's invasion fleet at first intend merely to confine Metis and bring her back through the portal to face "justice" for betraying the gods of the galaxy. But they quickly realize that she was not kidding about the threat she came begging them for help against, as they are forced to defend themselves from the attacks of the Demons who had been pursuing Metis.

The fleet attempts to do what it can to combat the Demons, even releasing Metis to fight alongside them instead of being only their useless captive, but all of it is for naught. Like in the virtual world, there is virtually no stopping them by force, and certainly no reasoning with them as, like the Queen of Hell herself, they are beings of pure omnicidal rage bent on nothing but utter destruction for no purpose at all, other than perhaps to ease the unbearable pain of existence for everyone.

In desperation, and against Metis' counsel, Kron's fleet reopens the portal to the Asiron system, and from there summons the Four Horsemen to come and stop this threat themselves. In doing so they unleash the Demons beyond the Sol system. When even the Horsemen are unable to stop the spread of the Demons, and it's realized that they seem to be consuming the matter of everything they destroy and using that to fuel themselves to even greater power, Kron and his Horsemen begin to consider a very dangerous plan to fight fire with fire.

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