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(9x20) Virtuality Immanent: Part 1, Episode 2

Meanwhile in the real world, the Demons immediately begin wreaking havoc just like they did in Sphidia. As the Sphidi seem to have been consumed by the Queen's actions and they are now threatening the survival of organic humanity as well Metis makes the difficult decision to disconnect Xio from Virtuality and end the Queen once and for all. But the facility where Xio's body is housed was controlled by the Sphidi and is now protected by the densest concentrations of their Demons, so Metis is unable to reach Xio to disconnect him.

Fearing for the survival of humanity, she instead tries to organize a mass exodus from Earth to Venus, but the projected Demons can fly just as they could in the virtual world, powered by the Ehrban magic she foolishly supplied them with. They attack and destroy the refugee ships as they launch, and begin to spread into the rest of the galaxy. Only Metis herself is able to survive and continue fighting them.

As she fights for her life across the solar system, while beginning to wonder what the point of that even is anymore if the rest of humanity are now destroyed as it seems, what had once been among her greatest fears now becomes her only faint glimmer of hope. Kron's invasion fleet arrive subluminally at Sol, and begin trying to subdue her, only to be surprised when she instead immediately surrenders to them, and begs them for any help they are able to offer against an even more powerful common enemy.

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