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(9x17) Virtuality Incarnate: Part 3, Episode 2

Even though full mind-uploading to another virtual realm would violate Metis' deal with the Queen of Hell that enables the Sphidi to exist incarnate in the first place, Tom and Xiu both feel that human-Sphidi relations could be greatly improved if only organic humanity was able to experience the transhuman reality that the Sphidi live in: morphological freedom, no worries about physical injury or death because body parts and whole bodies are replaceable, and so on.

They realize that giving organic humanity access to that experience does not require the building of another virtual realm at all, only the same kind of brain interface used to connect a living mind to it. The actual virtual reality itself can be completely bypassed, and the living human can simply remote-control a synthetic body exactly the way that the Sphidi do, the very same synthetic bodies in fact.

Tom and Xiu work together with the automata to provide public access to this technology. Adoption is slow at first because of general mistrust of the Sphidi, but once it begins it quickly accelerates. The technology is absolutely transformative of human society: soon nearly everyone spends most of their time biologically at home connected to an interface, through which they roam around outside in their perfect, adaptable, replaceable synthetic bodies, indistinguishable from the Sphidi around them.

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