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(9x11) Virtuality Incarnate: Part 1, Episode 2

Tom and Xiu are still skeptical of whether any of this is really real. Their inability to do magic, or to even fail noticeably to do it, reassures them somewhat, but they are suspicious that it could just be another, more effective form of blocking their access to the magical subsystems of the virtual world that they might still be trapped within.

Learning that Metis really is capable of a form of apparent magic only raises their suspicions further. The explanation that it's not actually magic, but highly advanced alien technology, does not assuage their concerns. They spend much time together trying to get any kind of response out of the virtual world's magical subsystems, studying Metis surreptitiously as she uses her magic in public to see if they can learn any secrets that way, but all of their attempts are ultimately futile.

In time, they begin to accept this reality as actually real, or at least resign themselves to behaving as though it is, for now, until proven otherwise. It is at the very least much nicer than the hellish existence back in Sphidia under the Queen of Hell's rule, or even the dystopian Earth fighting as rebels against automata, so if they have to be trapped in some simulation, this one doesn't seem half bad, and they try to make the best of it that they can.

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