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(3x26) Rising of the Darklight: Part 3, Episode 2

But Murdock's father, as both the nominally rightful head of the Church and the father of the rising messiah figure that has the entire congregation atwitter, weighs in against the Elvish counsel. Citing the Church's own scripture, he preaches the equality of Human and Orc beneath the Eldest, and suggests that they can both help their allies the Elves and also do the morally right thing, by announcing to the West that they will officially support the Orcish rebellion, and abolish slavery in the East themselves, if the Orcs in the West will leave the Elves in peace and promise equality for the Humans in the West after the revolution is over.

Meanwhile at the Vampire Queen's castle in the north, though she is skeptical of Murdock's presence, seeing him accompanied by her own daughter and a trusted Orc convinces the Vampire Queen not to kill him on sight. Murdock asks where the Elf King is, and the Queen explains that he is safe and unharmed. Annabelle explains to the Queen that they have come seeking to broker peace between her and the Elves, and Murdock adds that his own father had sought her out for that same purpose, before she bewitched him and made him do monstrous things. The Queen explains that all of these machinations were inspired by their father's explanation of the ancient prophecy. She seeks to fulfill that prophecy by mating with the Elf King, as they each bear the Gems of Fire and Ice, and in doing so conceiving a child who will be the reincarnation of the world's true goddess, the lost love of the Eldest himself, and that she will in doing so become the Mother of God, and through her child make all right with the world, restoring all of its people to what they were meant to be, beautiful immortals like Murdock and Annabelle. She explains that, after conceiving such an immortal daughter herself by their father, she sent him back to the Elf Queen to create another, Murdock, hoping that that would bring the incalcitrant Elf King himself to her at last, where she could then seduce him and finish the plan. But that didn't work, and so this plan was hatched instead.

Murdock is none too happy with the Queen's methods, but at least agrees with her ends of fulfilling the prophecy, and at Annabelle's urging, and the Queen's assurances that the Elf King will be released unharmed after the act is done, and with no real power to do anything about it by himself, Murdock accepts the circumstances and what is about to happen. That night, while Murdock and Annabelle sit up elsewhere in the Queen's castle, she mates with the Elf King, each of them bearing their respective Gems, fulfilling the prophecy at last. But the manner of the prophecy's fulfillment is beyond all her expectations. By the Elf King's embrace she is reduced herself to a Human in the process; and worse still, her embrace drains him of his life entirely, fuelling the conception of the prophesied child. To her great surprise, the child inside her grows before her eyes, and in moments she is swollen and driven into labor. As she screams in childbirth, and the child emerges from her, her own body is then consumed in magical flame, fuelling the immediate maturation of the newborn child into a fully grown adult woman: the Queen of Hell.

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