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(3x25) Rising of the Darklight: Part 3, Episode 1

In the aftermath of the battle in the deserts of the north, Murdock and Annabelle hunt after the Vampire Queen, to try to rescue the Elven King from her thrall and then, with their combined connections to each of them, hopefully try to negotiate a peace between Elves and Vampires, just as their father had originally set out to do.

It is a difficult trek through the untamed wilds of the north, with the hot desert eventually giving way to a dry savannah inhabited by primitive, bucolic orcs who are nevertheless fiercely devoted to the Vampire Queen, who stop the travellers from pursuing her through their lands until Annabelle explains that she is the Queen's daughter, and then they escort them the rest of the way instead. They are lead through a thick jungle in which they would be lost if not for the Orcish guides, who Murdock does not entirely trust until they are lead at last to the Vampire Queen's remote lair in the farthest north.

Meanwhile the Elvish forces, victorious on the northern battlefield save the loss of their king, are forced to return to their homeland due to the threat posed by the Orcish rebellion in the West, nearer to their home than to the human lands in the East, still quibbling about what stance to take on the matter. The Elves, not strong enough to stand against the entire West's combined Orcs by themselves, implore the Church to once again unite all of the East and lead a force to put down the Orcish rebellion in the West, out of the mutual self-interest of both themselves and their Elvish allies.

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