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(3x24) Rising of the Darklight: Part 2, Episode 3

But meanwhile, realizing the scale of threat they are facing, if Vampires have somehow survived in hiding for all these ages, and seemingly have the lost Gem of Fire if they are able to put such trances upon Humans and Orcs and compel them to serve evil, the normally-languid Elves finally mobilize for the first time in untold aeons to do something about it. Having learned the location that the Vampires have been hiding, in the dry northern desert from which Murdock's father first ventured when all these events began, they rally their long-dormant armies and gear up for war.

But as the Elves prepare to march, an Orcish uprising is sparked in the West, no doubt orchestrated by the Vampires to distract the most powerful parts of Humanity from possibly joining in the effort against them, which they likely see coming now that they have been discovered, Chalmany has been defeated, the East is united under the Church, and Annabelle and her father have been captured. The Church leadership scrambles to decide how to react to the Orcish uprising, with the faction who worship Murdock arguing that it is a sign of the times and a herald of the equality he has been advocating since the return of Annabelle, and the more conservative faction arguing that it's just a dangerous slave revolt that threatens all of humanity.

Meanwhile, Murdock and Annabelle are more concerned with the impending battle between Elves and Vampires, word of which has only reached them after the Elvish army departed. They race to the battlefront to try to stop the war and broker some kind of peace, having their respective ties to the Elves and Vampires to leverage, but they are too late. The battle is brutal and many die on both sides, but at last the Elven King confronts the Vampire Queen... and is magically seduced by her under the power of the Ring of Fire, being taken from the battlefield even as the battle is nominally won by the forces of the Elves.

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