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(3x22) Rising of the Darklight: Part 2, Episode 1

The discovery of the Vampiric backing of Chalmany is enough to galvanize the rest of the Eastern nations into united action against Chalmany, especially when the Church throw their support behind Murdock. Vampires have been thought long extinct by humanity, and with a being akin to Thomas, namely Murdock, arriving right as the bloodsucking monsters from the mythic past have at long last returned, many come to believe that this is some kind of divine tribulation from which Murdock has been sent to save them. Stern and gruff Murdock uncomfortably shrugs off the religious mantle being laid upon his shoulders, but is more than willing to take up military command of the East's combined armies at the behest of the Church, and lead them into battle against Chalmany.

In a swift and decisive military action, the combined armies of the East march under the Church's banner on the heart of Chalmany, cutting their way mercilessly through the Chalman army of Orcish slaves, until Murdock himself can lead an elite battalion into the Chalman capitol building. The Vampire Queen is spotted fleeing the building with a small entourage, but the battalion are prevented from pursuing her by a rearguard commanded by her lieutenant, a powerful witch. Most of the rearguard are slaughtered by Murdock's battalion, and the lieutenant manages to flee herself with only her personal Orcish bodyguard, but Murdock pursues them alone. He is struck down by the witch's fiery magic while in pursuit, but finds to his surprise that he lives on in a ghostly form that quickly rematerializes as his old body's ashes blow away: the unique immortality of his unusual kind.

Using this to his advantage, he stalls the witch in battle long enough for his battalion to catch up. As they are about to slay the Orcish bodyguard, the witch then stands forth to protect him, calling him her father. Knowing from mythology that warlocks were bred originally from vampire-orc pairings and have been thought extinct since the Great War, and that no half-elven wizard would ever work for a vampire, he quickly surmises that this witch is not only the Vampire Queen's lieutenant, but also her daughter; and her Orcish father the Queen's... husband? He orders his battalion to take them both captive, alive, back to custody at the Church.

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