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(3x21) Rising of the Darklight: Part 1, Episode 3

The Church have built their mythology from the doctrine that dreams are memories of past lives, and through analysis of Murdock's dreams, they conclude that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of the Eldest Wizard Thomas. But Murdock knows nothing of any of that, and is more concerned with the practical threats to his homeland and the general peace, which the Church is best positioned to mitigate. Chief among the threats is again the state of Chalmany, on the march seeking to reclaim its lost glory.

The Chalmans employ an army of Orcish slaves, and seek to supplant the authority of the Church entirely and establish themselves as the head of a new Eastern empire; and from there, to reconquer the West and unite the world under Chalman rule, as they believe it should have been since the Great War. Given those objectives, the Church and other Eastern nations find the origins of the Chalman Orcs a suspicious mystery, as Orcs in the East are generally purchased from the West, who would of course be hesitant to supply a foreign nation openly intent on their conquest.

Investigating that mystery, Murdock and his associates from the Church find that the entire Chalman war effort is a ploy manipulated into being by the very Vampires whose queen turned Murdock's father, who have been turning Humans into Orcs with their embrace, and who would seek by their supernatural sway over Orc-kind to usurp command of the Orcish army, and thus the entire Eastern world, after Chalmany's victory.

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