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(1x27) Nadir of the Darklight: Part 3, Episode 3

John is spared by his former compatriots, who are surprisingly understanding of his choice to accompany those who rescued him on the battlefield, because of his hesitance to attack them when the final confrontation came. He is reluctantly pressed back into service with them.

He is there on the battlefield when the Chalman prince and the orc chieftan have their final confrontation, and destroy each other in a spectacular battle. As he guiltily slays the orcs that are trying to kill him, stomach knotted while reflecting on the true heritage of his kind and their kind that he alone now knows, he wonders what significance death even has if they are all dead already, besides that Thomas seemed to think that death here means loss of memory, at least for "human" beings like himself. With that in mind, he finds reason to fight, for the memory of the world as it was meant to be, and hope for how it may one day be restored.

In the aftermath of their leaders' fatal duel, the prince's gem of Fire is lost in the debris, but the Chieftan's gem of Ice is claimed by the Elven King, who takes it to the Elvish lands to keep such power out of mortal hands forever. Without the gem of Fire, the Chalman hegemony of the human lands quickly whithers away and the east fractures again into rival kingdoms vying for power. Nevertheless, the human conquest of the world is completed, and the orcish people are now subjugated to their rule. John returns home to Esplanadia as the army is disbanded, determined to make sure that the truth he has learned is remembered.

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