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(1x26) Nadir of the Darklight: Part 3, Episode 2

The band continue on to find the Pseudo-Witch, whose guidance they now need more than ever. She tells them to call her "Sue", as the "Pseudo" by which she is known is actually a pseudonym given to her based on a very old misunderstanding. Weighing the prospect carefully, she decides to tell them the truth that Thomas feared to tell them, for in case something should happen to her in this war, someone must remember it.

She elaborates on Thomas' assertion that their world is "hell", affirming that it is not the real world of the living, but a kind of manufactured afterlife. It is an elaborate illusion, a realm of pure spirit made for spirits to inhabit, facilitated by what they all perceive as magic, but which is in fact mundane artifice far beyond their comprehension. Actual humanity once lived in a world beyond this one, and created it as a haven for themselves in which to outlive their natural mortality, an afterlife, though one meant to be much better than this. That real world long ago fell to ruin, this one preserved only by the might of the Eldest, who was like a god even among the people of the real world. Then in time this world fell to ruin as well, in the ways they have already learned in the legends Thomas has told them. They ask her if there’s anything that can be done about that, and she tells them of a prophecy she only knows partially, that some kind of peace between Elves and Vampires is required to free the only being who might have the power to set things right, the rightful queen of the hell that is now their world, the Eldest’s lost love.

In the process of seeking out Sue, they Inadvertently lead to her none other than a vampire queen by the name of Vis, who has also long searched for her and has been stalking their party as they crossed the orcish lands. Sue uses her significant magical ability to defend the party from Vis and the warlocks she soon brings to bear upon them, but in the end she is embraced by the vampire and reduced to an orc. Vis and her forces are soon driven off by the arrival of the Chalman army, but that army then turn on Sue, and then on the band of adventurers who turn to defend her, except John who tries to talk both sides into peace, and then surrenders to the overpowering forces of the Chalman army, abandoning his new friends rather than fight beside them, because someone must survive to remember what he has learned.

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