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(1x25) Nadir of the Darklight: Part 3, Episode 1

As Thomas reels from the shock of being turned mortal, his small band of compatriots kill the elf who turned him, even over his protests. In the aftermath of the attack, he tells them that their mission of peace now has a much higher priority first step tacked on to the start of it. With the onset of his mortality, Thomas must first and foremost entrust them all to the guidance of the only other one of his kind, in case he should die and his unique knowledge be lost forever; the only other survivor of this world's initial state of being, who remembers the terrible truth of its origins that Thomas fears to tell; one who lives in the wilds beyond even the orc lands, who is the guiding power behind the orcish chieftan uniting the west, reckoned by many a "witch" of the Warlock race, but recognized by those more knowledgable as something different, like Thomas, for which she is called "the Pseudo-Witch".

They face a difficult journey through the orc lands of the west. They must travel by night and sleep in the day, or else orcs will ambush them at night while they sleep. Even then they are still attacked by local orcs if they should happen too close to any settlements, orcs only defending their lands but no less of a threat to unfamiliar people of many strange races in this time of war. And every twilight, angry poltergeists – orcish ghosts, far more aggressive than the generally reluctant orcs they were in life – harass and disturb their camp, though unable to cause any real harm, trapped behind the veil between life and death. After several encounters with local orc patrols, they are eventually pursued by an orcish war party, who no doubt thinks they are a forward unit of the Chalman army advancing on something of strategic importance. Barely turning back that war party when it finally manages to catch them, thanks to the power of the handful of wizards among them, they are soon beset by a unit of powerful warlocks along with further orcish troops. Unable to escape from such powerful foes for long, not the least without being driven further away from their intended destination, they are eventually forced into a battle they are ill-equipped to win.

They barely sieze victory anyway, but at a terrible cost: Thomas finally dies for good, far weaker in his human form than he is accustomed to, and now without access to the magic on which he has relied exhaustively for untold ages. With his dying breath, Thomas tries to tell John the terrible truth about their world, but barely manages a mere fragment of it: they are all dead, and their world is hell. Not, he clarifies over John's protests, that they are all doomed and the world is terrible: no, their world is the literal afterlife, and every single person in it is a long dead spirit, though all but Thomas and this Pseudo-Witch have long forgotten as much, and now, as he dies in this corrupted form, he will forget as well in his next incarnation.

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