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(1x12) Nadir of the Darklight: Part 1, Episode 3

With the full power of Chalmany, its wizards, and the gem of Fire at his disposal, the Chalman prince conquers all of the eastern countries. Thomas tries to rally the other nations, especially the wizards among them, together to oppose the Chalman hegemony.

But the prince is able to use the gem's power to inspire fear and hate to defeat those efforts. He further stirs the already existing fear and hate of the orcs, as well as fear of his and Chalmany's own power should the other nations resist, to simultaneously inspire and intimidate the peoples of the eastern lands to join the Chalman empire and together fight off their common enemy, the orcs. Thomas' fragile resistance movement dies at last with Thomas' own death yet again.

This time he is captured and magically bound by a small army of wizards and the Chalman prince himself, then executed in a very public ceremony. As it has been inferred that Thomas' regeneration from immaterial spirit to corporeal man occurs at the same rate that his previous body decays after death, following his public execution his body is magically preserved, so as to prevent his further regeneration and trap him as a powerless ghost for all time.

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