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(2x09) Falling of the Darklight: Part 3, Episode 3

Over time, as the war limped along in the absence of its leaders, the humans and orcs came to dominate the two halves of the world, though nominally beholden to the ever-diminishing numbers of elves and vampires who yet remained. The elves and the humans loyal to them regrouped into one of their most remote cities in the north of what had been their side of the world. Meanwhile the vampires ranged far and wide trying to rally all of orc and humankind alike together before converging on the elves' stronghold and crushing them at last. In the elven enclave, some of them interbred with the humans loyal to them, and were pleased to find a being somewhat between them created in the process, like a human but more intelligent, more dispassionate, and capable of wielding magic, though not with the same power as the elves, or of the uncorrupted spirit-beings who first inhabited the world. They were reckoned as wizards by humankind.

The vampires, likewise, found that interbreeding with orcs created stronger, bolder, magically-capable versions of the orcs, whom humans would come to name warlocks. With these warlocks as their lieutenants the vampires tried to rally the world's orcs and men together into an alliance of communal tribes to oppose the tyranny of the elves. They largely found only the orcs docile and obedient enough to comply with those plans. Meanwhile the humans in the elven enclave dragged their reluctant wizard kin out into the world to oppose the warlocks and liberate orcs and men alike from the totalitarian oppression they and their vampire masters sought to impose on the whole world.

The humans of the east, now a mix of the descendants of once-vampires and once-elves, found this kind of autonomy more appealing, and many of them wholeheartedly signed up for a program of hunting the remaining vampires to extinction. Over generations this order slowly gelled, and in time the men and wizards of the east thought they had succeeded in eradicating vampires from the world, though the west remained dominated by warlocks ruling over tribes of orcs. And the elves, as the world slowly settled into a peace that seemed like it would disturb them no more, quietly resigned themselves to isolation in their one small enclave in the north.

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