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(2x08) Falling of the Darklight: Part 3, Episode 2

The elves thought these new orcish creatures somehow sickened by the vampires, and so tried to heal them with their unique magical gift; but they found that it only transformed them into something else different entirely. Their intellect was partly restored, but their strength was weakened; they kept their short stature, but their dark complexions turned ruddy instead of olive; and their eyes likewise changed from grey to brown, like a dimmed version of the vampires' fiery red. They had become the creatures in later eras reckoned (by themselves) as human, though of course all of these peoples had continued to reckon themselves as human, even though none truly were anymore. By some magical effect of charm, these new humans were awestruck in admiration of the elves' transcendent beauty, and easily complied to win their respect and approval, stalling the vampires' revolution.

Thinking that perhaps the vampires themselves were sickened in some way, with their ghastly blue-tinged complexions and demonic red eyes, and seeing as how the vampires were otherwise invulnerable anyway, some clever elves attempted to heal them as well, and found that they too were reduced to "human" form by that process. The other vampires took these "casualties" back into the east, accidentally taking some of the formerly-elf-turned-orc-turned-human beings along with them too; and though they had learned that they could turn humans into orcs with their bite as well, they found humans more alike to themselves in spirit, and did not wish to inflict orc-hood upon their own people. So the ranks of elves and vampires were diminished, and in the east and west respectively accumulated legions of orcs and humans in their place.

Seeing where these events were headed, the Fire King himself came forth to put an end to this war, leading a great army of vampires. To protect what remained of her people, the Ice Queen in turn left her palace to bar him from entering their lands. On the sands and in the shallow waters of the vanishing sliver of sea still dividing their lands, they faced off with their armies behind them as the moon sank low into the west and the day began to break in the east. A spectacular duel of frost and flame eventually turned to grappling between the bearers of the respective gems, and as the Fire King drained the Ice Queen's life with his bite, she embraced him back, pouring all of her energy into him. They were reduced to orc and human both, and then her heart shriveled away, while his, overwhelmed with energy it could not contain, burst inside his chest. Their bodies were both lost in the sands and waters and the ensuing carnage of the armies around them, and the gems that they bore lost with them.

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