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(2x04) Falling of the Darklight: Part 2, Episode 1

With the Eldest dethroned, the goddesses Fire and Ice took back their powers from the Sword of Darklight, returning the respective lights of the sun and the moon to themselves, leaving only the barest sliver of Darklight still emanating from the Sword, bathing only the tiny sliver of land where it stood, and no longer the whole of the world. With their light and their power they rebuilt their celestial palaces, the sun and the moon, and placed them once more on opposite sides of the sky, circling the world, so that each goddess could rule over its people in turn.

But thus restored to power, they then betrayed the Eldest's Queen who had conspired with them to this end. They did not free her from the prison in which the Eldest had trapped her. Instead they abandoned her to her isolation until the day a nigh-impossible game of their devising would be won. They each forged magic gems, encapsulating within them most of their respective powers, between the two enough power to break the Queen's confinement. They then gave these gems as as gifts to the sundered peoples of the two lands into which Sphidia had been broken.

The gems drew people to them with a druglike allure, the Gem of Fire like a powerful stimulant promising power and control, the Gem of Ice like a powerful depressant promising relief from all worries and cares. By exposure to these gems, the people would be changed into two different peoples, diametrically opposed in nature and destined to conflict when they again met, as the lands converged on the far side of the world. Only if, against all odds, those two peoples could mend their ways so much as to conceive a child between them – and even then, still only with the combined power of the two gems – would the Queen's prison realm be emptied, as the Queen herself was reborn into the person of that fateful child. In that process she too would be redeemed, and her forgiveness would redeem the Eldest of his sins against her, warranting his release as well, at her hands, and the restoration of the world to its rightful ways.

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