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(2x03) Falling of the Darklight: Part 1, Episode 3

Though done from love, the Queen immediately resented her isolation, and resisted the efforts of Fire and Ice to cultivate virtue and sanity in her. To spite the Eldest, she instead exploited the darker natures of the goddesses. While Fire preached to her the virtue of compassion, she stoked in Fire the flames of meddlesome, even wrathful passions, seeking after ends reckoned good, no matter what the dark means used to reach them. And while Ice preached to her temperance and tolerance, the Queen twisted her dispassion into uncaring apathy, and a cold sense of merely procedural justice, no matter what sad ends it may allow to pass.

As the goddesses were slowly darkened through the Queen's counter-didactics, she was able to stir in them a resentment for the usurpation of their old powers by the Eldest, and a jealousy of that which he had taken from them. Once, in due time, their visits had degenerated into routine sessions of mutual complaint about their collective subordination to the Eldest, the Queen was able to suggest a plan to take power back from him again, and the goddesses agreed.

With deceit and guile, Fire and Ice were able entrap the Eldest's avatar, the physical manifestation of his spirit, within a chamber in the Sword of Darklight. From that prison he could only escape by abandoning the world entirely, fleeing in spirit back to the world beyond; and in doing so, condemning Sphidia – and all the Old Ones, and his love the Queen, for whom this entire endeavor was purposed – to immediate oblivion, an option he would never take. The Eldest thus trapped, the goddesses took control of the Sword of Darklight, and as a symbol of defiance crashed it to the ground below. This falling of the Sword of Darklight sundered the once-united land into two large pieces, and a smaller one upon which the Sword rested, point buried in the ground, like a tombstone marking the Eldest's final resting place.

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