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(2x01) Falling of the Darklight: Part 1, Episode 1

In the land of Sphidia, a wizard-priest of the Church of the Eldest narrates to his congregation the central myth of their religion. Before their world, and beyond it, there was another world, with a storied past now all but forgotten to all in Sphidia. Though the people of that world were as gods to the people of Sphidia merely for transcending it and predating it, among them were people even they reckoned as gods, and the greatest of them is now remembered in Sphidia as the Eldest. So as to give new life to his lost love, the Eldest created the world of Sphidia, a realm of pure spirit, where his love could find new life immortal, free from the bonds of the flesh that had betrayed her.

But that world was not made only for her, and other beings from the Eldest's world came into it in spirit, while their bodies lay dormant in their own world; and when their flesh in time betrayed them, many of their spirits took up permanent residence in the world of Sphidia. Those immortal spirits, the first residents of Sphidia, are remembered now as the Old Ones. The Eldest also populated the new world with fantastic creatures born wholly from his mind, to maintain its order and beauty. He placed in the sky the sun and the moon, and bore from his mind the goddesses Fire and Ice to move those celestial lights, and also to cultivate the virtues of the Old Ones together, and to turn their vices against each other. And he divided the world into many realms, into which the Old Ones were sorted according to their strengths and qualities so as to best provide for the wellbeing of all. His love was quickly reckoned the Queen of that realm reserved for only the strongest of souls.

For a time it was good, until a great cataclysm of now-forgotten origin befell the world of the Eldest, and threatned to take the new world and all of the spirits therein with it. So as to save them all, and most of all to save his love, the Eldest used powers beyond comprehension to preserve a small part of old Sphidia that once was. He manifested his powers within the world as a great sword in its skies, within the hilt of which he resided, as in the hull of a flying ship. With it he carved out a protected realm, into which he shepherded all he could, to preserve them while the rest of old Sphidia fell. In that small protectorate there was no room for the wars of the goddesses pitting vice against vice, only for the collaboration of their respective virtues; so with his mighty sword he destroyed the sun and the moon, drawing their opposite lights into its blade, from which then radiated one light of mixed nature that was called the Darklight. But he left the goddesses Fire and Ice to continue acting as ambassadors for their respective virtues.

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