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(4x27) Death and the Other World: Part 3, Episode 3

Xio promises Xiuying and the other heaven-folk that this bit of hell he has preserved will be made into something much better, and that he will sustain it and them for as long as it is within his power to do so; though to Xiuying's dismay, he confesses that their "magical" powers within it will be far more limited than they are accustomed, to conserve Xio's power enough to even sustain it at all. Tamara, thanks to seeing the Foundation filtered through Dominic's eyes and hearing the Queen of Hell's rants, does not trust Xio, and calls for others to question the leadership role he is attempting to assume as well.

The Queen of Hell is pleased to see the crowd turn skeptical of Xio, but when Xiuying speaks out in Xio's defense, saying that he saved her life and created this whole virtual world that has saved countless lives, the Queen lunges to physically attack her. Calmly and effortlessly, Xio gently contains her attacks with wordless magic, and setting her aside, begs her with the resigned sadness of twelve thousand years to please, please not damn all of humanity – what little of it he's managed to save here – for his own ancient sins. Seeing this sadness and gentleness, and hearing Xiuying's words, Tamara's opinion of Xio softens as well.

As human civilization collapses under the debris of the shattered moon, the heavenly realm on the other side of the portal blinks suddenly and unceremoniously out of existence forever, along with all of the noblest of preserved minds who could not or would not be rescued from it, and the little bit of hell preserved by Xio is all of Virtuality, and perhaps all of humanity, that remains.

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