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(4x26) Death and the Other World: Part 3, Episode 2

But Met, the Queen of Hell, is still consumed by her omnicidal rage. She refuses Xio's pleas, happy to see that the world is finally ending, "as it deserves". Tamara, aghast, asks her if she is insane, rhetorically, before realizing that of course she actually is, literally. Xio again tries to get Tamara to leave Met alone, saying that she's suffered enough. Not knowing of what he speaks, Tamara defends Met saying that the suffering was at Xio's hands, parroting what little she has cleaned from the Queen of Hell's ramblings. But Xio won't be drawn into this argument with a mere mortal when the fate of all humanity is at stake.

As Virtuality begins failing, and Xio can feel his immortal physical body being buried in the crumbling ruins of the real world, he uses his administrative powers and the side-effects of his immortality to preserve the bit of Hell where Met is, and whoever happens to be there, which happens to include Tamara at the moment. Then he bridges a portal to "heaven", and urges as many as possible to come join him. Met only denigrates him further for this decision, saying that he should have left her and saved the best realm instead of her Hell, both because she doesn’t care to live anymore, and because it shows (so she says) that he is a selfish asshole just fucking everything up again, condemning the best of humanity just to assuage his own much-deserved guilt by trying to save her instead.

Many people on the heavenly side of Xio's portal see the hell-folk on the other side and refuse Xio's pleas for them to come there for their own protection. Many who are still embodied disconnect from Virtuality, against Xio’s advice, only to die in the real world soon after. But others do heed his advice, including Xiuying, who must reluctantly abandon her grand creations in "heaven" to step aboard this hellish lifeboat being offered.

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