Forrest Cameranesi: Geek of all Trades

(4x25) Death and the Other World: Part 3, Episode 1

While Tamara and Dom fight their way to hell and back over and over trying to discover the secrets of the Foundation, Dom is suddenly called back to duty as another, different alien threat has suddenly arrived. He barely has time to even say goodbye to Tamara as his superiors pull him away with such urgency, and Tamara only overhears those few rushed details as it happens. Nobody else in Virtuality seems to know what is happening yet either.

But pretty soon, everybody knows. Whoever these new aliens are, they manage to penetrate deep into the inner solar system past all of the lines of defense. And to top it all off, in the ensuing conflict an accident with an illegal superweapon shatters the moon, the debris from which knocks the World Ring out of orbit and begins to rain destruction down upon Earth below. Xiuying hopes for her life that the assurances made to her that Virtuality's systems were "apocalypse-proof" turn out to be true.

Meanwhile, Joe/Xio, the head of the Foundation, rushes from the ongoing space battle to the base of Starbridge America, there to connect to Virtuality so as to at least rescue Met, the Queen of Hell. Connecting into the virtual world with his special administrative access, he makes his way directly to "hell", where he finds her being confronted by Tamara, now desperately curious for answers. Trying to dismiss Tamara, Xio tells Met what has happened, and urges her to reupload to his mind for safety, as all of Virtuality is soon likely to fail with the collapse of the World Ring and its attached Starbridges, into which Virtuality's hardware is built. Tom is horrified to overhear this news.

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