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(4x24) Death and the Other World: Part 2, Episode 3

Thankfully, the war with the aliens is short-lived, and battle never even approaches Earth. After communication is somehow established between the aliens and the Foundation forces at the vanguard of the human fleet, the miscommunication that initially lead to the conflict is quickly cleared up, and peace is declared between humanity and these aliens, whom the news reports are named the Ehrban.

Later that same week, Tom in Virtuality received an automatic notification that one of his old friends and lovers, Dominic, is finally back online after over a century of absence, having been forcefully disconnected from Virtuality upon fighting to meet the Queen of Hell alongside Tom. Finding that timing too unlikely to be a coincidence, Tom (as Tamara) seeks out Dom in Virtuality to ask him where he's been for a hundred years and what happened with him being yanked offline like that and also, by the way, does he know anything about this mysterious ancient secret society the Foundation and the aliens they just fought a war with?

Dom is extremely hesitant to answer Tamara's questions, fearing that he will get in trouble with his superiors, but hearing that the Foundation is already public knowledge and that Tamara has pieced together a lot of things herself from the Queen of Hell's rantings, he is eager to have someone to share it with. He tells her that yes, he was working for the Foundation, but he didn't have any idea how far back things went with them until he heard the Queen's rantings.

He was pulled out of Virtuality by his ship's AI, when their crew arrived at another solar system, where they encountered other, primitive, aliens, and learned from the AI of yet another more advanced race of aliens that these Ehrban had created all of them, and also made the progenitors of the Foundation immortal, over twelve thousand years ago. He still doesn't know a lot more than that, but together the two of them are curious to find out more from the Queen of Hell: Tamara out of pure curiosity, but Dom because he wants to know who it is he's really working for and what they're keeping secret from him.

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