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(4x22) Death and the Other World: Part 2, Episode 1

Not too much later, Tom is busy training in one of Athena's virtual martial-arts classes, when they are suddenly interrupted by a man who looks vaguely familiar to Tom, though he can't quite place where from. He tells something to Athena in private, and she quickly dismisses the class, and cancels any future classes on her schedule until further notice, citing a "family emergency". Tom hopes that it isn't something bad that's befallen her daughter, most hopefully nothing to do with the Virtuality-stalkers that were partially his own fault.

Soon thereafter, major events are reported on the news. It seems a War of the Worlds was nearly begun when a surpise fleet of starships from the rogue Martian colonies launched an unprovoked attack against Earth. Earth defence forces were largely unprepared for that attack vector, the Martian colonies being generally impoverished, but the attack was barely stopped in time by a mysterious force of what seemed to be advanced prototype Jovian Corp ships, who somehow knew about the attack before the proper military even did, and stepped in to prevent it.

Jovian Corp being the parent company to various projects based mostly out of Pacifica, including the ongoing development and maintenance of Virtuality itself, makes Tom realize where he recognized the man coming to give Athena the news about her family emergency: it is Joe, the chief executive of the early Virtuality development project hundreds of years ago. Comparing the image from his memories, both from back then and of the man interrupting Athena's class, with news photos of the current Joe at the head of Jovian Corp, Tom confirms that they are all the same man. Curious, he sends a message to Athena under the guise of compassionately checking to see that her family emergency got resolved, but also subtly probing to see if that had anything to do with this Martian attack. He receives no response.

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