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(4x21) Death and the Other World: Part 1, Episode 3

When Metis later goes into business as a tour guide, many of the still-curious people from Virtuality find that ample opportunity to observe her up close, many of them by booking tours with her. This confirms conclusively enough for the snoops and gossips in Virtuality that this "Metis" is indeed the spitting image of the Queen of Hell – but that she knows nothing about the Queen, has never met her, and is right sick and tired of being constantly mistaken for her and just wants to be left the hell alone to run her business in peace.

Tom, now a student with Metis' mother Athena and having long given up on stalking Metis, hears word of this from Athena and volunteers to help put a stop to it. Using his influence over the loose network of Metis stalkers that he more or less started with his initial investigations into her, he puts the word out that Metis definitely has nothing to do with the Queen, and that she and her family are fed up with the constant attention, and everyone should knock it the fuck off already.

Athena is grateful to Tom for doing that, and for being a reasonable person and not stalking her daughter like the rest of the creepy weirdos once he found out that she is just a girl who has nothing to do with this Queen of Hell person. However, Metis herself has gotten somewhat curious about the Queen of Hell in all of this hubbub, and hearing that there's a reasonably non-creepy person who knows her and helped get the stalkers off her case, Metis seeks out Tom to ask him info about the Queen, because her mother is being suspiciously tight-lipped about the whole topic.

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