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(4x20) Death and the Other World: Part 1, Episode 2

One of the many people who initially mistook young Metis for the Queen of Hell was Tom. He soon enough realized that mistake, having met and fought the real Queen of Hell before, but his curiosity was piqued by the resemblance. This could be someone merely assuming the same virtual appearance as the Queen, but since she seemed upset by the constant case of mistaken identity, it seemed to Tom more likely that she actually looked like that in the physical world.

He would have liked to ask her more about herself in person, but she was by that time so sick of being accosted for her resemblance to the Queen that she merely disconnected from the Sphidiverse before Tom even had a chance to ask her about it. Still curious however, he began to investigate her history in the Sphidiverse and other realms of Virtuality, asking around, and seeming to confirm that that was her natural appearance from accounts of her appearing younger but still identifiably the same person over the years.

Through those investigations, a loose network of still-embodied people investigating the question, including Tom himself with his original body still accessible in stasis, have covertly stalked Metis in the physical world. They eventually find that she lives on the Open Palm spacestation, and has an extremely intimidating and protective mother, who is none too fond of strange people stalking her daughter across the net. Tom is however intrigued to meet such a skilled martial arts instructor as Metis' mother, Athena, and signs up to study with her in her virtual classes.

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