Forrest Cameranesi: Geek of all Trades

(4x19) Death and the Other World: Part 1, Episode 1

Another century later, a young girl named Metis living on the Open Palm space station in orbit between Earth and Luna grows up, like all children, immersed in virtual worlds. Like all children, she learns there and she plays there. Among the many things she learns about are many real-world sights and sounds that she longs to visit in person some day, but being stuck on the Open Palm she hasn't the opportunity to see many of them yet, and so mostly indulges herself in simulations of them, both present and historical.

She has much less interest in the fantasy worlds more popular in Virtuality, such as the Sphidiverse, but nevertheless she dabbles in them anyway. She achieves a passing familiarity with the more popular ones, mostly as a part of being culturally literate and sharing that common ground to socialize with her friends, which mostly happens through Virtuality.

But when she begins to reach adulthood, rumors about her begin to circulate within the Sphidiverse. She is a virtually identical doppleganger of the now-infamous Queen of Hell, and is frequently taken to be her. Some people flee from her expecting to be attacked, others attack her out of the blue looking for a fight with the infamous warrior. The constant case of mistaken identity and subsequent harrassment eventually turns her off of such parts of Virtuality entirely.

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