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(4x18) Life in Another World: Part 3, Episode 3

People who really want to have fully autonomous robotic servants that they can treat with total disregard for their wellbeing continue to push the issue by asking whether copies of uploaded minds, modified to no longer think of themselves as persons, could operate robot bodies, in lieu of fully autonomous robots.

On this topic the legal opinion is, for once, "yes". However, the safeguards already in place back when avatar-forking and virtual children were first introduced end up making this feature not as useful for its intended purpose as some disreputable people would have liked.

Like with multiple virtual avatars, the copies of uploaded minds controlling robot bodies are actually just reconfigured instances of the original minds, and a master copy of the original mind remains behind all the experiences had by the modified instances, and able to subconsciously override its behavior. As such, people who want to fork and modify themselves to create artificial people that they can mistreat find that they are in fact only mistreating themselves, and put a stop to their own behavior.

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