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(4x16) Life in Another World: Part 3, Episode 1

As robotics technology has advanced incredibly over the past century, some deceased users like Xiuying have been asking for the ability to interface with robot bodies so as to roam the physical world incarnate again. But this has run up hard against widespread cultural taboos and laws against fully autonomous robots.

Though those taboos came about because of the threats posed by early artificial intelligence, they have long since morphed in the public mind into an expectation that artificial humanoids walking about ought to be subservient and docile, and that any behavior to the contrary is something to be wary of. As such, the thought of a "robot" with an independent human mind fills many common people with apprehension.

Nevertheless, the Virtuality team eventually gets clearance from their legal team that it would not actually be in violation of any laws against autonomous artificial intelligence, and they roll the feature out anyway. There are of course none of the "robot rampage" problems that the public fears, but users like Xiuying nevertheless have to deal with the social consequences of being seen by flesh-and-blood humans as an uncanny potential threat.

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