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(4x15) Life in Another World: Part 2, Episode 3

Upon returning from hell, Tom, as Tamara, tells one of his virtual lovers about the Queen, and that lover takes an interest in meeting her. Tamara recruits him into the mission to redeem her and the other denizens of hell, and begins to train him in the combat skills necessary to fight one's way into hell.

It turns out that that lover works for Xio himself in some capacity, and when the two of them begin a quest to fight back into hell together, the lover's coworkers pursue them, largely ineffectively at first, and try vehemently to dissuade them from disturbing the Queen. This pursuit escalates eventually to the point of disconnecting the lover from Virtuality, which Tom finds as appalling as something like imprisonment or execution, as Virtuality is his world and to be denied it seems to him like being denied life.

Facing the Queen of Hell alone again, he is quickly forced to flee for his life from her wrath, and resolves to leave her be from then on. Lamenting upon hearing reports of this encounter, Xio concludes that Met, as the Queen of Hell at least, seems to be a lost cause, irredeemable, and he begins to consider other alternatives to restoring the beautiful person he long ago destroyed.

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