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(4x14) Life in Another World: Part 2, Episode 2

Over time Tom has continued his efforts to earn "light" credentials, and gained access to the upper tiers of the virtual world. He and people like him are recruited as an essential part of the heavenly mission of redemption, for in order for it to work they will need people of the highest character, heavenly people, who are nevertheless able to brave the depths of hell to reach the people they are trying to redeem.

People who were once more violently inclined, but have since redeemed themselves, are the perfect candidates for this, and Tom is among them. Taking it on as a technical challenge toward a noble end, he eventually fights his way into hell and meets the Queen thereof.

He is awed at her fighting prowess and apparently ceaseless rage, as well as intrigued by many of the cryptic things she often shouts at those she fights, partially incoherent rants about her hate for Xio, and the other immortals, and humanity, for all of their injustices; the kind of omnicidal rage Xio has been burying in his mind since the end of the last ice age.

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