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(4x13) Life in Another World: Part 2, Episode 1

Over time, a group of highest-tier Virtuality users, Xiuying among them, develop concerns for the users who, through their own actions, have barred themselves from the upper realms and trapped themselves in "hell". They begin a program aimed at improving those people, so as to help them escape from their self-inflicted suffering and heal enough mentally to join them in "the light".

The Queen of Hell, Met, long since recognized as the most far-gone violent psycho of the lowest tiers of Virtuality, is something of their ultimate stretch goal, a way of defining their mission: if they can bring even her out of the pits of hell and up to the highest reaches of heaven, then they will have succeeded in their mission of redemption.

Xio is pleasantly surprised to hear about this, and stops by to congratulate them on the good idea. Through the Virtuality team, he publicizes the project; not specifically the project to redeem Met, but the broader redemption project in general, turning Virtuality into a virtual rehabilitation center guiding everyone into eternal paradise, instead of just a virtual afterlife filtering its users into various degrees of heaven or hell. He is honest in that public opinion, but of course privately he is even more enthusiastic about the opportunity to at last see Met healed and his ancient crime finally undone for real.

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