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(4x09) The Birth of Another World: Part 3, Episode 3

It turns out this mind-uploaded virtual afterlife was Joe's purpose in commissioning Virtuality to begin with. He is secretly the immortal Xio, thousands of years old, otherwise known by names like Zeus, who is the head of a secret society called the Foundation, founded by those once thought gods by the ancients, now centuries more technologically advanced than the rest of humanity. He has had trapped within his mind all that time the enraged consciousness of his once-lover Met, who he regretfully murdered in a time before history, in an esoteric way that left her enraged consciousness cohabiting with him in his own mind, which has tortured the both of them ever since. Virtuality was built to be a place to finally release her, to set her free from his mind, and to free him from her as well, both finally righting his ancient wrong and finally finding some relief from his accidentally self-imposed punishment for it. Katia is another Foundation agent, not an ancient goddess but an ascended mortal called an Einherjar, who will be the science officer of the Valhalla mission when it launches soon. The special hand-picked group of testers are the rest of the Einherjar, who will crew the Valhalla with her. With her help in secret, a special halo interface is devised that will allow the uploading of only the other mind in Xio's brain, that of Met, leaving his own mind intact in his body, and her free and independent of him inside Virtuality.

To ease Met's incarnation into the virtual world after her tens of thousands of years of tortuous disembodied imprisonment in another's mind, Xio has assembled a select group of residents from the highest, "heavenly", tier of the virtual world, to come greet this special guest at the introductory tier and help her learn how to earn her way into the higher tiers. Among those selected is Xiuying, who has since earned her place at the top, learning warmth and compassion in addition to the calm reasonability she already possessed, and is happy and eager to help another person learn the way of peace and kindness as well.

Unfortunately, Met does not flourish at all once set free in Virtuality. Tortured into insanity by her millennia of mental imprisonment, she becomes a violent character. Having little experience with needing to tame her own passions, Xiuying feels frustrated at her inability to help Met learn and grow, but even the other members of the select group who have more experience with such things struggle to temper Met's insurmountable rage. Met is soon automatically confined by Virtuality's systems to the lowest of the realms, where most of the select group from the "heavenly" tier cannot follow her. She quickly comes to dominate that lowest realm with her inhuman degree of combat skill, soon earning the popular moniker "the Queen of Hell", much to Xio's dismay.

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