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(4x07) The Birth of Another World: Part 3, Episode 1

Xiuying almost immediately suffers something of an existential crisis after first being uploaded into Virtuality. When she awakens from the mind-upload, she is still worried about whether it "will be" successful, and then worried about her physical death, and tries to will herself out of Virtuality back into her body but without success because her body is no longer connected. That makes her feel trapped. She immediately wants to speak to her granddaughter but cannot now that she only exists in the virtual world, which makes her panic further that she has been forever sealed off from her family.

But moments later her granddaughter shows up in Virtuality, which momentarily makes Xiu fear that her daughter has died as well, but she has just entered Virtuality via the halo system previously used by Xiuying herself. She offers to spend as much time as necessary here helping Xiu make the transition. In time, even her great-grandson gets set up with a halo interface and can visit her in Virtuality.

Xiu still has many fears and anxieties about no longer having a physical body and being entirely reliant on the computer systems, worrying about their reliability, but the development team from Pacifica assure her that it is the most reliable computer network ever devised because it was engineered in the first place, not entirely but largely, to serve exactly this purpose: as a virtual afterlife. Virtuality is set up to be able to permanently sustain the minds of every human who will ever live from here on out. If all goes according to plan, nobody will ever truly die again, and she will live to see her great-grandson become a great-grandfather himself.

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