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(8x17) Terra Resurgent: Part 3, Episode 2

So Metis and her Columbian escort follow the Pacifican fleet far out into the middle of the ocean, where the Columbians are amazed by the technological marvel that awaits them beneath the sea, but Metis instead only solidifies her memories of her second life, revisiting this place that was once familiar to her, the landmark birthplace of the ancient Internation, which much like Alexandria was uniquely poised to survive just the catastrophe that brought it down.

Thousands of years ago, during the Silent War, and deep underwater in the Pacific Ocean, centered on the base of their first Starbridge, the world's first seafloor settlement was developed: Pacifica. Geothermally powered, totally self-sustaining, and shielded from above by the entire depths of the ocean, it was protected from the rain of debris that fell as the moon was shattered, and it was fortunate enough to not be struck by the falling World Ring, leaving its only damage the fall of its own Starbridge across one small part of the settlement. The loss of the Starbridge unfortunately took out nearly all of Pacifica's technological manufacturing capacity as well; if it had not, the automatons once built there would have been able to rebuild civilization millennia ago already. Still, as the ecological ravishing of the world settled down after the fall, Pacifica began to spread their influence to lands across the ocean boundaries that isolated them. Those settlements, built up and industrialized over time by the preserved knowledge of their founders, gradually grew into a great empire, colonizing the coasts of Auei and Asia.

While the Columbian representatives formally negotiate a non-aggression pact with Pacifica, Metis has little that she must do after making her brief statements on the matter at the negotiation. Instead, she speaks with cultural and religious leaders of Pacifica about her claims to be the goddess Metis, culminating in a lengthy multi-day televised interview in which she lays out the true events that underlie the holy stories of the Pacifican religion, and the role that she played in them. By the time the interview is complete, the negotiations are complete as well. Columbia has worked out the same terms with Pacifica as they did with Alexandria: mutual non-aggression but no promise to be there for each other in a fight, though that is open for revisitation should the Alexandrians ever move against Columbia.

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