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(8x16) Terra Resurgent: Part 3, Episode 1

Metis sails down to the Pacific States of America again, this time with a better-prepared escort of Columbian ships out of California. She ascertains whether the Pacificans there follow the same ancient world religion as the Alexandrians, and finding that they do (though of course a different denomination), she declares herself the goddess Metis of their religion, and demonstrates her immortality to prove that claim.

The representatives of Columbia with her escort assert to Pacifica that they are the third superpower in the world, that Pacifica has not accounted for in its war with Alexandria. They they wish to remain neutral in that conflict, having signed a non-aggression treaty with Alexandria and yet refused the offer of an alliance with them, but only until such time as Pacifica makes moves against Columbia. Though Columbia could not win a war with either of the other two superpowers, its support would tip the stalemate of the ongoing war in favor of whoever they sided with, which gives Pacifica good reason not to, by attacking them, push Columbia to ally with Alexandria.

Furthermore, Metis again declares Columbia under her personal protection, and more still, declares the Starbridge America, as the suspected resting place of Xio – Zeus, Jupiter, also (she recalls by now) the founder of Jovian Corp and directly responsible for the creation of Pacifica and the Internation that followed – her domain, a holy site off limits to both Pacifica and Alexandria until such time as a peace treaty is negotiated. The representatives of Columbia pledge to side against whichever of the other two powers first violates that sacred site. The commanders in charge of the Pacific States tentatively agree to that, but say that Metis and the Columbian representatives will have to come to Pacifica to negotiate with their leadership in person before anything can be laid down in stone.

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