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(8x15) Terra Resurgent: Part 2, Episode 3

Now fully reminded of who she is and the place she occupies in the Alexandrian religion, Metis demonstrates her immortality and invulnerability to the Alexandrians, and convinces them that she truly is the goddess remembered in their tales. She tells them that what she and her expedition were seeking in America is her lost love Xio, the one remembered in their tales as Jupiter or Zeus, the king of the gods. They are intrigued by this, and at first spurred even further on to conquer America before Pacifica can, but she demands that no move will be made in America that might bring their war to the western hemisphere.

Columbia, she declares, is under her protection, and though she leaves it to the Columbians to decide their own relation with Alexandria and Pacifica, she will see to it that no harm comes to them if hostile intentions are declared. But, she hopes that that will not be the case, and she wishes to return now to Columbia with more official representatives of Alexandria, to speak with the Columbian leaders and see what they have thought of the reports of Alexandria brought back by Metis' old expedition. So they sail back across the Atlantic to the eastern shores of Columbia, to the capitol itself, and meet with the Columbian leadership.

They have already debated the issues brought to them by the expedition and the Alexandrian ambassador who returned with them, and have decided that they will not ally with Alexandria in any formal capacity against Pacifica, as they will not be drawn into this global war. The formal Alexandrian representatives who returned with Metis try to convince them otherwise, but it is of no use. Columbia does wish, however, to declare a formal peace treaty with Alexandria, promising not to side against them or to take any other hostile action unless it is taken against them first; also leaving open the possibility of a stronger alliance in the event that Pacifica should initiate hostilities against Columbia. That satisfies the Alexandrian representatives, who then depart back to their homeland, leaving Metis back home in Columbia again.

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