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(8x12) Terra Resurgent: Part 1, Episode 3

Not giving up on their quest for the base of Starbridge America yet, Metis and her expedition instead head east around the northern shore of America, to try to find a way to approach the Andes from the jungled eastern without drawing the attention of Pacifican forces. There in the swamp forests of the Amazon Bay they find surviving natives who think the expedition are of a people called Alexandrians, whom they explain are a more technologically-advanced people who have been colonizing the Bay from its mouth further to the east. The natives fear the Alexandrians as foreign conquerors, and are relieved when the expedition explain that they are not them.

But the expedition are curious to find out who these Alexandrians are before they possibly stick their necks into another confrontation they are not prepared for. So instead of heading straight up the mountains, they cautiously head east toward the mouth of the Amazon Bay, where they meet the Alexandrians at last. There they learn that Alexandria and Pacifica are the two surviving powers of the postapocalyptic world, each thinking themselves the great civilizing forces of the world, doing a great good to restore humanity. But on the far side of the world, they have long been at war with each other over who will lead that reunited world; a war whose final battlefield will be the continents of the western hemisphere, America and Columbia.

The Alexandrians being more communicative as well as more evidently knowledgeable of history, they are intrigued by Metis' mythological status among her people. They are more friendly to her and her expedition than the Pacificans were, but they still advise Columbia to stay out of America. And they insist, on threat of force, that the expedition not go up the Andes, for fear that that will instigate trouble with Pacifica that Alexandria will have to answer for; at least, not until the Alexandrians have built their own stronghold in America to attack the Pacifican forces from. And they pressure Columbia to ally with them against Pacifica in the global war, but Metis does not want to take sides, and anyway cannot make unilateral decisions like that; the expedition will have to report these findings back to the democratic government of Columbia and let them decide for themselves.

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