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(8x10) Terra Resurgent: Part 1, Episode 1

For centuries after the defeat of the Redstone Empire, the reunited states of Columbia have been rebuilding, gradually increasing their interconnectedness through enhanced communication and trade, resolidifying their ancient national identity as one unified people. The immortal Metis serves as a perpetual figurehead leader, the figurative Columbia herself, but at her direction a more democratic form of governance has been revived, and the people largely lead their own resurgence with Metis as merely guidance and inspiration.

Meanwhile, Metis and a team of academics, as intrigued as she is by her lost history and the promises it holds, have searched the coil of Jormungandr that winds across southern Columbia trying to find the one their ancient texts record as Jupiter or Zeus, whom Metis remembers as Xio. They find the composite fullerene polymer skin of Jormungandr nearly impenetrable, even after digging down into it through millennia of accumulated debris. When they do find the rare intended access points into it, what lies inside are are the tumbled ruins of whole ancient sky-cities lying sideways or upside down inside the toppled former World Ring. Yet there is somehow still geothermal electric power running through the wreck of the old thing in places, and much ancient technology is slowly salvaged from those ruins, and used to help rebuild Columbia back to the brink of a new industrial revolution again.

But, discovering eventually that the top of Starbridge America (at the base of which they hope to find Xio) is submerged beneath the Missipi Sea, they try to trace it south across the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. They eventually cross the Strait of Panama to the northern shores of America itself, where they find the fallen wreck of the Starbridge at last, leading up the slope of the Andes to where its base connected to the Earth in ancient times when it still reached beyond the sky.

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