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(8x09) Columbia Resurgent: Part 3, Episode 3

The war between the Union and Redstone is now in full swing, but even with the considerable might of the east now on the Union's side, Redstone still controls the entirety of the fertile inland west up to the continental divide. On top of that highly defensible stronghold, they maintain a technological advantage as well. Between those factors the war has ground to a standstill with neither side gaining or losing significant ground or strength. It seems like the war may be interminable if such a stalemate cannot be overcome, but Metis has a plan to overcome it. She personally leads a small expedition on a dangerous mission across the far northern Rockies to the west coast, from where they travel south along the coast until they encounter civilization. The west coast is loosely united by a seafaring trade network based out of the Sea of California, and it is to there that Metis' expedition books travel on a merchant ship.

In California, she negotiates the start of their admission to the resurgent Columbian Union, telling them of the war against the Redstone Empire far to the east. Unlike the east coast, the west coast is close enough to have been subject to Redstone's tyranny, though more distantly than the peoples of the midwest, and hearing that there is a powerful force already allied against their enemy, California is eager to join in the war. They rally their allies across the west coast with them, and together they flank the Redstone Empire, tipping the balance of the stalemate in favor of the Columbian Union, who sack the capital of Boulder and proclaim Redstone's lands now again part of the United States of Columbia, once more stretching from sea to shining sea.

In the aftermath of the war, Metis at last has time to confer with the scholars who have been researching her true identity while she has been busy leading the war. They believe, though it is not congruent with all of her reported memories, that she may in fact be Metis, the mother of Athena, and that the person she has been searching for, possibly buried somewhere in the Jormungandr mountains, is none other than her cousin and husband Zeus, the legendary king of the ancient gods.

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