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(8x07) Columbia Resurgent: Part 3, Episode 1

Word of her supposed resurrection had already begun to spread just from the time of Metis' visit to the coast of the Missipi, though doubts persisted among those who heard the rumors but had not yet witnessed it. But when she returns triumphantly leading the battalion that had been sent to recover her after her very visible slaughter in front of reliable witnesses, her fame spreads through central Columbia like wildfire. It is boosted even further when she recounts to scholars the fragments of memory she has begun to recall, both memories from before the fall of civilization, but further still, memories from before the rise of civilization, though they are all jumbled and incoherent. She remembers being both mother and daughter of Athena the goddess of war, and she remembers now that the person she was looking for, where the old World Ring meets the Earth, was either her father, her husband, or her cousin, who either saved her life, or took it.

While scholars turn to ancient texts to try to figure out who she really is, the laity begin to call her Columbia, the deified personification of the continent itself, and of the great country that once united it in the time before the fall. Meanwhile, soldiers are more concerned with the war that she has effectively started with the Redstone Empire, and how to prepare for the certain retaliation that is soon to come. Many are angry at her for bringing this doom down upon them, but others see her as the spark needed to finally ignite the long-brewing rebellion against Redstone's tyranny. With her popular fame on the rise, plans are begun to unite the various powers around the shores of the Missipi to present a united defense against Redstone's retaliation.

For their own part, Redstone have been taken by surprise at seeing a woman return from the dead and not only fight her way out of their capital but then defeat their soldiers on the open battlefield, so they have taken their time debating how best to respond. Time that has given Metis' allies time to prepare for the attack. When it does finally come, Redstone is again taken by surprise by the united army waiting for them, on its front lines Metis herself, bearing the ancient flag of the United States of Columbia under which her allies have again rallied.

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