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(8x06) Columbia Resurgent: Part 2, Episode 3

Metis is brought to Boulder "dead", the knife that cut her throat still run through it, though the wound has largely healed around the knife, holding it there in place. After the commander of the patrol and the lieutenant commander who witnessed Metis died before in the north are both debriefed by their leaders, a team of medical experts are called in to examine "the anomaly". Not long after the knife is removed from her neck, Metis' wounds continue healing sufficiently for her to revive again. Catching the doctors by surprise, not expecting a corpse to spring to life off her table, she is able to fight her way out of the examination room, steal a weapon from a guard outside, and begin fighting her way to freedom.

While Metis herself fights her own way out of the Redstone capital in a daring escape, her allies from the routed expedition, concerned that she is of vital importance to the future of the world, have meanwhile mounted an expedition to rescue her. A larger armed force from numerous cities along the western Missipi approach the border guard of Boulder and a tense parlay threatening to become open battle ensues.

Into that powder keg comes Metis fleeing from Boulder pursued by Redstone soldiers, which effectively flanks the border guard and allows the rescue mission forces to engage with first-mover advantage. As the Metis meets up with the rescuers they intend to simply turn and flee with her, but she commands them to turn and fight or else they will all be slaughtered in the pursuit. Seizing command as though second nature, Metis orchestrates a successful defense against their pursuers even though they are outnumbered, and only then allows for a strategic withdrawal back to safer territories. When questioned by the soldiers now apparently under her command how it is that she is such a skillful general, Metis replies, calling upon a jumble of different memories from both of her lives, that she thinks that she may have been raised by the goddess of war, Athena herself.

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