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(8x05) Columbia Resurgent: Part 2, Episode 2

An expedition is mounted to travel with Metis, south along the western shore of the Missipi, to where Jormungandr sinks down into the sea from the west. Varied experts accompany her: scholars to help find what she is looking for and identify its importance, soldiers to make sure they get there safely, guides to lead the way, and help enough to tend to them all.

Along the way south, they encounter another patrol from the Redstone Empire, who stop the expedition and demand to know what business they are up to. The leaders of the expedition try to avoid conflict by telling them, truthfully, that it is a scholarly mission researching the history of the old world before the fall, showing them the scholars and their books as proof. But this patrol unfortunately shares a lieutenant commander with the one that raided the farming village in the north, and while they search the expedition in detail, that lieutenant recognizes Metis as not only a troublemaker, but one he's already seen die before.

Now intensely suspicious, the Redstone soldiers try to take Metis captive so as to interrogate her, but she of course is not going quietly, and the soldiers accompanying the expedition are forced to jump to her defense. A battle breaks out, and the bulk of the expedition are routed and left to flee, while Metis is killed again, her throat slit and the knife left piercing it for good measure, and her body is taken back to the Redstone capital of Boulder for examination.

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