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(8x04) Columbia Resurgent: Part 2, Episode 1

Despite everyone's worries, Metis quickly recovers from her mortal injuries in full, a fact that the village doctor verifies. The villagers note that this miracle makes sense of how she was living off poison berries without illness, and survived the bear attack that she recounted upon her arrival. Metis dimly recalls that she has "died" like this before, possibly many times, as blurred memories of the many traumatic attacks she survived in her first life before the dawn of civilization blend together indistinctly in her mind. She thinks that the place where she awoke in the west may have been the site of her most recent "death", recounting an image in her mind of falling toward the mountains from the sky.

Already some in the village begin to think that perhaps she is a goddess fallen from the heavens, but no one is certain of anything, only awed and intrigued. After much debate among the village elders and the leaders of the merchant convoy, it is agreed that Metis should travel with the merchants the city on the coast of the Missipi Sea where their convoy departed from. There are scholars there, and libraries, and she can speak with and be examined by experts with the knowledge and resources necessary to assess who or she really is.

So she does travel with the convoy to the shores of the Missipi, where experts are summoned and ancient texts are studied for clues. It is found that the "idiot" tongue she spoke when arriving to the village in the north is in fact the ancient language of their oldest texts. In hearing and reading the contents of those texts, fragments of her memory begin to return to Metis. Further experts from other nearby cities are called in to cross-examine her, and suspicions are raised that she might somehow be a survivor from before the fall of civilization, and that who or whatever she is looking for – at the place where the arc in the sky meets the Earth, which might be now in the Jormungandr mountains – might be of vital importance to the future of the world.

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