Forrest Cameranesi Geek of all Trades

(8x03) Columbia Resurgent: Part 1, Episode 3

In due time, a convoy of traders from the south arrive at the small farming village where Metis has been staying, and a market is set up for locals to buy and sell various imports and exports with the traders. The family who have been sheltering Metis, with the help of some of the community leaders, speak with different traders in the convoy to find someone suitably trustworthy and willing to take care of Metis and see to it that she reaches the city on the shores of the Missipi at the other end of the convoy's route.

But before the market is even over, in fact specifically because the market is taking place, the small community is attacked by soldiers from something called the Redstone Empire – based out of what was once Boulder, Colorado, thanks to survivors of the fall inside a nearby military bunker. They demand tribute from the village, and the traders therein, and begin confiscating anything they think is of value from the booths in the marketplace. Many of the traders and farmers, having seen this kind of raid before, know it's best to keep their heads down and just accept this mistreatment as inevitable.

But some, the younger men mostly, won't stand for it, and so fighting breaks out in the marketplace, with the Redstone soldiers holding the clear upper hand and easily beating down the angry civilians. Seeing the people who have been so kind to her attacked, Metis rises to their defense, but is then mercilessly slain by the soldiers when she will not stand down from the fight. The soldiers finish confiscating their tribute and depart, and the family who had been caring for Metis begin to mourn her... only for her to suddenly miraculously return to life, her mortal injuries already visibly healing.

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