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(8x02) Columbia Resurgent: Part 1, Episode 2

The farmers Metis finds herself with are friendly and welcoming to her, and she stays with them for a time, slowly "remembering how to speak" as both she and they think of it, though in fact learning their new language for the first time, a heavily mutated dialect of the standard Columbian once prevalent on this continent. She is eventually able to communicate with them well enough to understand their questions about who she is, and to convey that she herself does not know. She tells them of awakening in the west and her difficult trek to here, and the vague sense she has of searching for someone where the line in the sky meets the ground.

Here she learns something about the changed world. The line in the sky, which she thought was some kind of structure high above the Earth, they call the Rings of Fenrir, named after "the wolf that ate the moon", leaving only the Rings behind. They do not believe her accounts of remembering there being a moon, whose absence now springs conspicuously to the front of her mind, and they attribute it to her general state of confusion. They tell her that the structure that once hung in the sky long ago fell to the Earth along with the pieces of the moon, and now forms a range of mountains and islands snaking around the world that they call Jormungandr.

They suspect that maybe that is what she is seeking, and where she will find whomever she is looking for. Part of Jormungandr winds north across the mouth of the Missipi Sea, which they show her on a map that looks very wrong to her, depicting a vast inland sea stretching up from the south into what she thought was more grasslands. They suggest sending her south with the next convoy of traders from a larger settlement on the shores thereof, there to maybe find the answers that she's looking for.

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